Cloud Based Job Management Application

The innovative and robust job management application is crucial for the success of any medium or small business enterprise. The main purpose of any productive business is the achievement of maximum profits with greater customer satisfaction. The regulation and compliance of the complex data and routine reports, policy-making and implementation, reduction of surplus costs, prioritizing various tasks, catering to customers’ demands, meeting deadlines, are efficiently managed and resolved by an advanced job management application. The prominent features of a cloud-based job management application are as follows:

Effective job scheduling has always been a big challenge for management personals. Job management application enables business managers to assign and allocate multiple tasks from a   mobile device with rapid dispatching and scheduling appointments to your mobile employees. You can outline, design and assign jobs and begin work immediately in addition to tracking and reporting on the current status of the delayed or finished tasks. Visual status updates make it really easy to identify not only the current status but also enables managers to book further work if jobs get completed quickly.

Exclusive Profile record-keeping and Tracking with operational service dates specifically and access to attachments, notes and electronic records of all customers contact information is essential for avoiding any wrong data entry and perfect results. It is convenient to keep a record of your employees’ credentials including working hours, rates of pay and registration numbers categorically.

Accurate Customer Profile record enables them to access the status of their required services/jobs done, invoicing history, completed tasks, and comprehensive access to management’s successful portal feedbacks.

Real-time job accessibility from mobile devices allows your employees to complete their designated tasks even out of office premises and take advantage of one central system for all job-related data. They can even connect with their work colleagues using their mobile application location tracker. GPS tracking confirms the exact location of your workforce and enables managers to assign relevant jobs according to the new place.

Real-time finance Tracking, Invoicing, and Credits lets you monitor the job status and progress of each individual separately as well as manage your financial investment and output costs without any additional financial software. The managers get alerted when tasks are complete. They can open the job and quickly quality check the information from the mobile app before creating an invoice to send to the customer.

Reliable Data Security is guaranteed by the cloud-based extensive electronic data storage with additionally regulated backups eliminating the risk of losing information and record. Your confidential data will always be accessible only to you and the management and you can always extract your required data from the system without going through lengthy impractical procedures.

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